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Dirt is just dirt?

Dirt is just dirt, maybe? Its where most construction jobs start from. Right in the dirt, if it is dry it is dust, if it is wet it is mud. Some projects require the removal of dirt in order to replace with alternate materials to form the main construction base & others require leveling to form the construction base. There is also Earth modeling which is the working of dirt to create Artistic shapes for landscape construction & features . And then there is environmental works that require absolute minimal damage to the landscape.

I know the difficulties with finding people to understand what is required, mostly the only way we have of transferring your idea is word pictures which at times can be difficult. At Artistic Dirt Diggers we take pride in listening & taking time to understand what is required & offer friendly advice, to try to simplify this process to achieve the desired professional result. We also pride ourselves on attention to detail, reliability & guarantee our quality workmanship as well as offering Free Quotations.

Tool of Trade

We operate a large POSI-TRACK All Surface Vehicle fitted with a Tilting 4 in 1 Bucket, Leveling Bar, Rippers, Augers & Harley Power Rake. The POSI-TRACK will "Work Where Others Can't" due to it's very light foot print (one of the industries lightest at only 2.7psi) allowing work in very wet, soft or sensitive areas with minimal damage & also much steeper terrain than a wheeled machine due to it's very much superior stability.

What We Do

Artistic Dirt Diggers specialize in many areas in landscape construction, Civil construction, Sub Division, Environmental projects, Acreage Drive Way construction in Road Base & Cement Stabilized Road Base & repairs, Foot path preparations, Mulch spreading & grooming, Grooming of Sub Divisions, House/Shed site cuts etc., Turf & Seed Bed Preparation, Busting up of Hard / Compacted or Cloddy Soils & Grooming, Works in Wet / Soft or Sensitive Areas.

Specialized Jobs we have done include construction of Feature Gardens in the shape of a "Frogs Head", a "Butterfly" etc., Feature Parks (landscape architects get more daring everyday & gee I love the Challenge of showing that it can be done), Artificial Creeks (that had to look Natural & like they belong there) to assist in drainage of wet areas, Digging & shaping of Billabongs & ponds etc., foreign plant removal & revege works in Environment Parks (creating minimal environmental damage), Stone / Stick removal & grooming of sub divisions & parks ready for seeding or turfing leaving a very neat presentation ready for sale, Final Grooming of the Arena in the African Section Of Australia Zoo (not Yet Open).

General Hire: Hourly Hire Or Quotation

All Workmanship Guaranteed, Attention to Detail a Priority, Work Place Health & Safety Compliant

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